AuthorAJ Sacher

Streaming pioneer AJ Sacher is a former pro tour player with two Grand Prix Top 8s and over fifteen Open Series Top 8s, including two wins. He is a well-respected Magic theorist and one of the most acclaimed writers in the game.

The Wasteland Conundrum

AJ Sacher returns! He has a lot of great advice on updating your Legacy lists, and they include the most infamous land in the format! AJ thinks the shaving of Wastelands is a bit unusual considering how much value it can gain you at #SCGPORT!

The Best Card In Nyx

Find out why AJ thinks Temple of Malady is the best card from Journey into Nyx for Standard. What do you think the best Temple of Malady deck will be at SCG Open Series: Cincinnati?

Tips And Tricks For Born Of The Gods Limited

Following up on his Tips and Tricks column for Theros Limited, AJ is back to examine all of the intricacies and delicacies of Born of the Gods Limited in time for Grand Prix Philadelphia this weekend!

High CMC Cards & You

AJ explains the theory behind why high-mana cards are bad and should be avoided when possible, applying it to Born of the Gods Limited just in time for the Prerelease this weekend.

The Anatomy Of A Dominant Strategy

This week AJ discusses the anatomy of a dominant strategy so you can recognize them when deciding what to play in a given format and keep them in mind when building decks.

Dropping The Hammer

Two-time SCG Open winner AJ Sacher talks about what he thinks is one of the most quietly powerful cards in Theros. See if you should play Hammer of Purphoros at #SCGRDU or #SCGMKE!