Video: Four Color Ghostway In Modern!

Sam Black is well-known for his synergistic small-creature decks that generate incremental advantage, and this four-color Ghostway deck is right up his alley. Try it out this weekend at #SCGBALT’s $5,000 Modern Premier IQ!

Gerry Thompson has been showing us some awesome Chord of Calling/Ghostway decks lately, and it’s an archetype that’s intrigued me since I first found out about it and recorded a video. My concerns about that build were that it felt a little slow, but I liked the synergy the deck had packed into it. More recent builds have adjusted for that, and Martin Colding-Jorgensen’s update moved the deck in the right direction and landed him a solid Grand Prix finish.

I’m still fascinated by the deck. It plays a lot of the cards I like most, and it’s great at generating incremental value, which I love, but it also has the ability to easily win out of nowhere that I find necessary to being competitive in Modern. I wanted to try some of Martin’s innovations, but felt some of the numbers needed tweaking, so I’m playing:

Round One

Round Two

Round Three

Round Four

Closing Thoughts