Daily Digest: The Best Way To Gain Value

Gerry looks back to Modern for a moment to examine an intriguing deck from Grand Prix Copenhagen. Do you like Chord of Calling and Restoration Angel? How about Eternal Witness and Kiki-Jiki? All value all the time, plus a sweet combo finish!

I’ve been playing some Kiki-Chord in Modern, and it’s pretty clear the deck has legs. It may never be the best deck in the format, but it’s got a lot of play, some powerful bullets and a combo kill, so what’s not to love? Of course, the deck also has basically limitless deckbuilding options, so there’s been no shortage of different ways to build it.

This is one of the similar options that has piqued my interest. Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker will eventually combo with Restoration Angel to produce infinite attackers… but in the meantime, this deck is all about value, mostly thanks to Ghostway.

Imagine having a reasonable board in the midgame and casting a Ghostway. Your Wall of Omens and Elvish Visionaries come back, drawing you more cards, your Wall of Roots gets to come back, free of counters, while Restoration Angel gets to blink yet another creature for added value, and Eternal Witness can pick up the Ghostway for even more shenanigans. Chord of Calling can set up any number of scenarios, including the combo kill with Kiki-Jiki and Restoration Angel.

Things get even more fun after sideboarding. Keranos, God of Storms is a perfect way to attack the grindy decks in the format, and is an easy splash thanks to Birds of Paradise and fetchlands. Magus of the Moon is a TKO against many of Modern’s decks. Melira, Sylvok Outcast and Kataki, War’s Wage do similar duties.

Overall, this deck is a ton of fun and is a great choice for anyone who likes value.