StarCityGames.com Digest for the Week Ending 11-28-2003

Twelve-Land Decks, B/R Slivers, Osyp’s Main Chimp, and more, all in the latest edition of the StarCityGames.com Digest!

StarCityGames.com Digest for the Week Ending 11-28-2003

Thanksgiving week passed quickly for those of us in America, as we took Thursday off, but came back with a vengeance on Friday. Standard Operating Procedure for the Digest says that I have to leave off obviously good articles like [author name="Geordie Tait"]Geordie Tait’s[/author] or [author name="Nick Eisel"]Nick Eisel’s[/author], and our Dilemma series where [author name="Ken Krouner"]Ken Krouner[/author] manages to win the reader’s hearts, but never their votes, and just tell you about the articles you might have overlooked on the week, or by note the articles that are must reads, so when I don’t mention these folks on a weekly basis, I do so because I expect you’ve already read them.


Noted forum crank Jedit (David Chapman) chimed in on Wednesday with the second part of a particularly well-written series, Five Rings, Five Colors: The Scroll of Water. Many of you have overlooked it, and that’s a shame because it features some interesting Magic strategic discussions framed in the language of Miyamoto Musashi’s Book of Five Rings.

Constructed Strategy

On Monday, Will Rieffer chimed in with his adventures building twelve-land decks in Standard. If you’ve been wondering how to minimize your land count while maximizing spells like Goblin Charbelcher and Mind’s Desire, this article is for you.

Believe the hype? On Wednesday, Greg McCleery wrote about a B/R Sliver deck he played to a 5-1 record at Ohio States before losing to some bad beats and bad plays. Buzz about the deck continued through the rest of the week though, as I had numerous people e-mail me this weekend telling me the deck was surprisingly solid.

Limited Strategy

Only one article called Josh Bennett Osyp’s Main Chimp last week and gave you the complete Mirrodin Black pick order. Tim Aten, take a bow.


I’ve you’ve been looking for some budget Vintage builds to test drive or possibly looking to get involved with Type 1 without having to shell out four thousand dollars to be competitive, John C is your man, as on Tuesday he discussed eleven Vintage decks that won’t break your bank.

Casual and Multiplayer

Wednesday brought perhaps the greatest guilty pleasure of the week, as Crazy Pierre proved his insanity by ripping up a Black Lotus during his Iron Man 2003 tournament. More than a few readers were appalled by his treatment of that”most valuable of Magic cards,” and Oscar Tan is rumored to have been rushed to the hospital as a result of reading the article.


On Monday, Geordie Tait chimed in with a humorous look at the Mirrodin Sealed PTQ Glossary. Oddly enough, one single line from article started a minor firestorm in the forums caused by Internet rabble-rouser Charles Mousseau, but commented on numerous other Magic luminaries.

Ask The Judge

Have you ever wondered exactly what you can Stifle? Sheldon answers exactly that question in an article designed to clear up any linger doubts about just what can and cannot be Stifled.