SCG Weekend Preview: #SCGMA

StarCityGames.com will be spending this Fourth of July weekend in Worcester, Massachusetts for the Open Series! Read on to find out all the details.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the connection that Philadelphia had to the birth of our nation. This weekend, as our fair nation celebrates its 237th birthday, the StarCityGames.com Open Series will be traveling to one of the centers of the American Revolution (and less than an hour from the home of MLS’ New England Revolution!): Worcester, Massachusetts!

The first public reading of the Declaration of Independence was performed in Worcester City Hall. The Massachusetts Spy, one of the few newspapers published throughout the Revolutionary War, was moved to Worcester from Boston in 1775. In fact, one of the most important munitions depots in the budding country was located in Worcester and was the target of a planned siege by Thomas Gage before much of the weaponry was relocated to Lexington to avoid the conflict. As you can see, Worcester is no stranger to battle…which makes it a fabulous location for the mental combat headed its way this weekend for the Open Series!

Standard, by the way, is healthier and more exciting than ever! There were seven different archetypes in the Top 8 #GPMiami, and with big names like Matt Costa and Brad Nelson making it to the playoff rounds alongside eventual champion Reid Duke (all three are potential Class of 2019 #MTGHOF nominees, by the way), it only goes to show that it’s not the cards in your deck but how well you know them. Plus, the return of Legacy is sure to please on Sunday, especially after the triumphant return of Maverick to the top tier! Mother of Runes, how I’ve missed you!

While hunkered down in Worcester, the Open Series will use the DCU Center as home base:

MA Venue

While not as big as Boston or as celebrated as Providence or Springfield, the Heart of the Commonwealth is a city with plenty going on. This means that finding food will not be a problem, as the DCU Center, home of the Worcester Sharks of the AHL, is located in the hustle and bustle of downtown Worcester. The event site itself is rather large, though, so be sure to not get lost in the locker rooms and nosebleed seats of the hockey arena!

MA Food

And what better way to celebrate the freedom and independence of our nation than with the independent spirit and talent of our alterists?

Up and coming artist Jaclyn Foglia will be painting and selling her custom card alterations at this event! You can find her collection of work here and visit Facebook for more information.

Open Series stalwart Lindsay Burley will be selling and creating her unique brand of 3-D cards and tokens, painted alters, and custom playmats! Check out her work here then stop by and check out these awesome cards!

Aspiring reality show all-star Gerard Fabiano and Massachusetts native Zack Hall will Grab the Reins of @SCGLive coverage this weekend along with America’s sweetheart Reuben Bresler (hey, that’s me!)! Use the hashtag #SCGMA to follow all the star-spangled action, and when you follow @SCGPairings, you’ll have up to the moment pairings and standings of the event.

Good luck, have fun, and you’re a firework!

Reuben Bresler


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