AuthorReid Duke

Reid Duke, aka reiderrabbit, made a name for himself on Magic Online by winning the Magic Online Championships at Worlds in 2011. He won Grand Prix Nashville and Grand Prix Miami, made Top 8 at GP Providence, Montreal, Charleston, San Antonio, Quebec City, and Detroit, and won a SCG Inviational.


Reid Duke reflects on the past three years of writing articles for StarCityGames.com and says thank you to all the readers and everyone else in the community who made it possible.

U/W Control In Standard

In this week’s video, World Championship finalist Reid Duke plays U/W Control in a Standard Daily Event on Magic Online. Check it out and let him know what you think!

Prophet Bant With Born Of The Gods

Although Born of the Gods isn’t fully spoiled just yet, Reid has already found a number of new tools for his Prophet Bant deck in Standard. Read on to see what they are!

Drafting With Reid! THS #5

Have you got a Limited tournament coming up? Then be sure to watch Magic Online Champion Reid Duke’s latest videos in which he drafts triple Theros not once but twice!

Speculations On The Modern Banned List

What changes will be made to the Modern banned list prior to Pro Tour Born of the Gods? Reid Duke speculates and makes some predications about what he thinks might happen.

Drafting With Reid! THS #4

Watch as two-time Grand Prix winner Reid Duke drafts triple Theros on Magic Online and be sure to leave any questions or comments you have about it in the comments!

Streamlining Your Deck

Reid talks about the importance of streamlining your deck in the current Standard format using the examples of Owen Turtenwald’s Mono-Black Devotion and Ben Lundquist’s W/R Aggro.

Highlights Of 2013

SCG Invitational winner Reid Duke looks back on this past year, shares the lessons he learns from the various decks he played, and talks about his goals for next year.

Drafting With Reid! Cube #4

In this week’s Magic Online video, Reid participates in a 2013 Holiday Cube Draft event with the help of Huey. Check out where Reid returns the favor by assisting Huey here!

Teaching Magic

Ever wanted to teach Magic to someone but weren’t sure how to go about it? Reid shares some tips for how to do it and explains why you should take every opportunity to do so.

Drafting With Reid! Cube #3

Join two-time Grand Prix winner Reid Duke as he participates in a Magic Online 2013 Holiday Cube Draft event and leave your thoughts about his deck or the format in the comments!

High-Impact Cards

World Championship finalist Reid Duke lets you in on the secret to rogue deckbuilding using the example of the Pox deck he played in Legacy at #SCGINVI in Las Vegas last weekend.

Hidden Gems In Standard

Today Magic Online Champion Reid Duke highlights the individual cards of Standard that are not getting the attention they deserve. Check them out before #SCGINVI this weekend!

Mono-Black Devotion In Standard

Thinking about choosing Mono-Black Devotion for SCG Open Series: Las Vegas featuring the Invitational? Then be sure not to miss watching Reid play it in a couple of matches!