AuthorMatt Costa

Matt Costa is a college student from Massachusetts. He's been playing PTQs since 2008 and played his first Pro Tour in San Juan in 2010. He has 2 GP Top 8s, 1 GP win at Baltimore in 2012, and a Top 8 at Pro Tour Dark Ascension.


Matt elaborates on the idea of identifying potential futures and then trying to create them from his last article, focusing more on the systems and tradeoffs that we encounter.

Perfect Practice

Pro Tour Dark Ascension Top 8 competitor Matt Costa presents some techniques to help you learn as much as you can from your losses as well as your wins. Check them out!

Pro Tour’s Eve

Matt’s look back at 2013 isn’t about decks, cards, or even tournaments. It’s about a series of snapshots—moments and memories—that are why he plays the game of Magic.

Standard Perspectives

Get a handle on Standard before SCG Open Series: Las Vegas featuring the Invitational with Pro Tour Dark Ascension Top 8 competitor Matt Costa’s breakdown of the format!

Jund In Standard

Matt Costa talks about the Jund deck with which he took down the SCG Standard Open in Providence last weekend and why you should consider playing it at your next tournament.

A Farewell To Snapcaster Mage

In this ode to Snapcaster Mage before it rotates out of Standard, Pro Tour Dark Ascension Top 8 competitor Matt Costa talks about its effect on the way we perceive modern Magic.

Flash Back: U/W/R At GP Miami *8th*

Matt Costa played his trusty U/W/R Flash deck to a Top 8 finish at Grand Prix Miami. See why he’s excited to continue representing it in Standard at #SCGMA this weekend.

The Future Of Bant Flash

Read about the Bant Flash deck that Matt Costa played to Top 16 at #SCGNJ and where he thinks the deck should go moving forward in Standard this weekend at #SCGCHAR and #SCGPITT.

Midsummer Reflection

Three-time GP Top 8 competitor Matt Costa reflects on his summer of Magic thus far, from Pro Tour Avacyn Restored to this past weekend at SCG Open Series: Buffalo.

Aggro Decks Shaping The Standard Metagame

Need to prepare for the Standard metagame at SCG Open Series: Buffalo? Then read as PT Dark Ascension Top 8 competitor Matt Costa goes over the green-based aggro and Zombies decks that have been dominating lately.

Cubing Your Life (And Tickets) Away

GP Baltimore champion Matt Costa spent this past week doing a lot of Cube Drafts on Magic Online, so he’d like to pass along to you what he learned about the format and his favorite archetypes to draft.

Branching Out With Delver

Although PT Dark Ascension Top 8 competitor Matt Costa doesn’t usually play rogue decks, he’s been working on a couple different adaptations of Delver with cards from M13. Get ideas for SCG Open Series: St. Louis.

Standard Spotlight: Blue And White In M13

Since he only has three more months to play with Seachrome Coast in Standard, GP Baltimore winner Matt Costa has chosen to highlight the blue and white cards from M13 that he thinks will impact the format.