SCG Open Series Preview: Welcome To Buckeye Country

The SCG Open Series makes a stop in Columbus, OH this weekend at the Origins Game Fair! Find out everything you need to know from Reuben Bresler, and be sure to tune into @SCGLive with commentators Joey Pasco and Cedric Phillips.

This may be StarCityGames.com first foray into my hometown of Columbus, Ohio this year, but Cowtown is no stranger to Magic. In fact, Columbus has been at the center of the Magic universe quite often and for a long time.

Way back in the game’s infancy, Magic: The Gathering won the prestigious Origins Award for Fantasy or Science Fiction Board game of 1993. Ever since, the bond between Origins, the site of this weekend’s SCG Open Series, and Magic has been very strong. Magic’s third professional event took place in Columbus in conjunction with US Nationals over Independence Day weekend in 1996.

This was a part of the legendary Necro summer, which saw Necropotence decks dominate. In fact, the archetype was so dominant that the finals of Nationals that year featured a Necro-on-Necro match up of Dennis Bentley versus George Baxter. In contrast, the Pro Tour was Ice Age Block Constructed, a wide-open and unpredictable format eventually won by a seventeen-year-old Olle Rade (now a member of the inaugural Hall of Fame class) with a R/G midrange Spiders deck.

A major Block event won by a R/G midrange deck? The more things change…

But lest you think that Columbus is only known for ancient history, let me remind you of Columbus’ more recent tournament pedigree.

In 2007, Steve Sadin took down Grand Prix Flash-Hulk with, guess what, Flash-Hulk, in a final that pitted him against the winner of the amateur prize in that tournament, Owen Turtenwald. In 2010, Tomoharu Saito broke through a Top 8 that included then-unknowns Caleb Durward and Brad Nelson to claim the title with his trusty team of Merfolk as his weapon of choice. Clearly, Columbus is known for showcasing future stars and bringing them into the here and now. This is something to consider when looking forward to Grand Prix Columbus later this summer, which will feature the newest format, Modern, for aspiring stars and old pros alike.

With the @SCGLive team of @YoMTGTaps and @InContention cohost Joey Pasco and Pro Tour Kyoto Top 8 competitor and SCG columnist Cedric Phillips providing a soundtrack to the festivities, #SCGOH looks to continue Columbus’ tradition of blending exciting debuts and remarkable history. To join the ranks of these greats would be a dream achievement for any player, and with a prize payout totaling $20,000 and only a few more chances left to capture a spot in the upcoming $75,000 Invitational tournament in Indianapolis, there are plenty of reasons to come down to the Greater Columbus Convention Center (400 North High Street) this weekend. For more information, call the GCCC at (614) 827-2500 or visit OriginsGames.com.

And at the event we will have two special guest artists on hand, rk post and Martina Pilcerova, who have drawn some of Magic’s most popular pieces. With Morphling, Torchling, Ichorid, Teferi’s Moat, Fulminator Mage, Simic Sky Swallower, and many more iconic pieces, rk post has established himself as a giant in the field of fantasy art and in Magic: The Gathering in particular. While Martina Pilcerova’s resume may not be as long, it’s quite spectacular as well, including Forge[/author]“]Darksteel [author name="Forge"]Forge[/author], Hornet Queen, Cloudpost, Gilded Lotus, Seething Song, and more iconic works. For you art buffs, this will be a great opportunity to get your favorite cards signed by the artists and gives you a chance to meet them as well!

There are some wonderful restaurants near the Convention Center. I would suggest dipping over to the North Market for lunch (59 Spruce Street, (614) 463-9664) a block or so away, which features 35 local restaurants, vendors, and merchants offering everything from pizza, sushi, and bratwurst to a fresh fish market, a wine shop, and fresh baked bread. Then for dinner, Barley’s Brewing Company Ale House No. 1, right across High Street from the event site (467 North High Street, (614) 228-2537), is always a hit when I take out of town guests out for a night of pub style food and award winning Barley’s beer, brewed right on site.

Need cards for the event? As usual, you can place a StarCityGames.com order and pay no shipping charges by selecting "SCG Open Series: Columbus" as your shipping option by noon EST on Thursday, May 31st; then you can pick up your order on-site when you arrive!

Event Fact Sheet: http://scg.im/scg_columbus
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Twitter Hashtag: #SCGOH

As always, be sure to check out the fact sheet for all of your SCG Open Series information needs. And may all of your tournament preparation pay off!

Reuben Bresler


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