AuthorOwen Turtenwald

Owen Turtenwald doesn’t jog because he runs these streets. He is a five-time Grand Prix champion, a two-time Magic Player of the Year (2011, 2016), a Magic World Championship finalist (2015), and a member of the Hall of Fame class of 2015. Most importantly, Turtenwald, alongside William Jensen and Reid Duke, make up perhaps the most beloved team in Magic history: the Peach Garden Oath.

The Ravager Wurm Role For New Standard

Can Ravager Wurm really make it a format where Carnage Tyrant already runs the show? In a word, of course! Ravager Wurm has a lot of text and a lot of mass, and Owen thinks that’s a great combination to have in your corner this season!

Why You Should Play Izzet Drakes At SCG Vegas

Lots of non-creature spells, lots of two-for-ones, and some hard-hitting flyers. What’s not to love? Owen Turtenwald is firmly on this deck for the time being, and today he’s explaining exactly how to play this one at SCG Vegas!

The Appeal Of Izzet Arclight

Owen Turtenwald has a frontrunner for this week’s Standard events! He’s all about Arclight Phoenix, and today he reveals his list and sideboarding guide!

The Early Ravnica Lowdown

World class player Owen Turtenwald has comments on shocklands in Standard implications, what kind of world The Chainwhirler will live in, and more! Guilds of Ravnica season rules!