Inside The Magic Studio: William Jensen

In this episode of Inside The Magic Studio, Robert Martin interviews Grand Prix Oakland winner and Pro Tour Hall of Fame member elect William “Huey” Jensen!

This is Inside Magic Studio with your host Robert Martin, the interview podcast with the best in Magic: The Gathering. My guest this episode is William Jensen.

0:00 – 0:45 – Intro to the show and guest.

0:45 – 1:31 – You finally made it into the Hall of Fame. Your thoughts?

1:31 – 2:06 – Who were the first people that contacted you to say congratulations?

2:06 – 2:31 – With you and Kai (Budde), what was the conversation like before the announcement came?

2:31 – 3:17 – You said you and Kai (Budde) were watching the coverage; how difficult was it for the two of you to watch the World Championship instead of play in it?

3:17 – 3:53 – Now that you are returning to form, are we going to get the best of you like Brian Kibler did when he took time off, came back, and his game got better?

3:53 – 4:36 – People like Owen Turtenwald and Reid Duke give a lot of credit to you for advice on decks and Magic. What is it like working with two young players like this?

4:36 – 5:13 – How much have you learned from them as you help them?

5:13 – 5:29 – Is there another combination of people you would want to play with at a team event?

5:29 – 5:37 – Is it just because how good they are playing now or your relationship with them?

5:37 – 6:19 – Do you happen to see a little of yourself in both of them (Owen and Reid)?

6:19 – 8:51 – Who do you enjoy working with on Team StarCityGames?

8:51 – 9:20 – Now that you brought him up (David Williams), has fatherhood change him as a person?

9:20 – 9:47 – Considering you have old school and new school players together, how does the team work so well together?

9:47 – 10:14 – If you could do a 3v3 draft at Pro Tour Theros in Dublin with John Finkel and Kai Budde on your team versus any three on Team StarCityGames, who would it be?

10:14 – 10:43 – Why is Kai Budde coming to this event?

10:43 – 11:15 – How much are you looking forward to playing at Pro Tour Theros in Dublin?

11:15 – 11:27 – Should we expect something special at this event from you?

11:27 – 13:11 – You have taken the StarCityGames.com Open Series by storm, setting a record with five straight Top 8 finishes, including a win at Salt Lake City. Why do you play in so many StarCityGames.com events?

13:11 – 13:29 – Does the desire to win an Invitational motivate you play in those events?

13:29 – 13:58 – Did it help you that it was a double Standard weekend?

13:58 – 14:28 – What is it about Jund that works so well for you?

14:28 – 15:14 – You are now a writer and going to make videos for StarCityGames.com; how did this come to happen?

15:14 – 16:02 – If your first article is going to be the standard for your articles, readers should be excited about this. What are you trying to relay to readers through your articles?

16:02 –16:38 – You are now located in Las Vegas. What are your plans for playing in Grand Prix this season?

16:38 – 17:28 – What does it feel like to have the spotlight back on you?

17:28 – 17:48 – Do you review the matches you play on camera?

17:48 – 18:19 – How much does it help you to watch and listen from what the coverage team sees?

18:19 – 19:02 – What are you goals in Magic now that you can play in every Pro Tour?

19:02 – 19:43 – Was there any doubt in your mind that you could do this?

19:43 – 20:24 – How much has the game changed for you?

20:24 – 21:03 – You are in the same Hall of Fame with arguably your modern-day contemporary Limited specialist like yourself in Ben Stark. Your thoughts on Ben?

21:03 – 21:16 – That moment in time (Hall of Fame ceremony), what do you think it’s going to be like?

21:16 – 22:32 – Has the game changed so much from when you first played that now players are winning at nineteen and twenty instead when you did at sixteen and seventeen years old?

22:32 – 23:15 – Do you think that helps them because they are more mature?

23:15 – To End – You have made a lot of old school Magic fans happy with what you have been doing in the game. Your comments to them?

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