AuthorKai Budde

Kai Budde is a semi-retired professional Magic: The Gathering player, who holds the record for Pro Tour victories, and for a long time held the records for earnings and lifetime Pro Points. He has won five individual Pro Tour titles and two Team Pro Tour titles (alongside fellow Germans Marco Blume and Dirk Baberowski). Budde won the 1999 Magic World Championship in Tokyo and he has also been awarded a record four Player of the Year titles: 1999, 2001, 2002, and 2003. Budde also won the 2001 Magic Invitational tournament in Cape Town. His prize was the rare opportunity to design an actual card; the result was Voidmage Prodigy. In 2007, Kai Budde was inducted into the Pro-Tour Hall of Fame.

How I Attacked Legacy At The Pro Tour

One of the greatest to ever shuffle ’em up is stopping in to inform the Magic public of his intense Legacy prep for Pro Tour 25th Anniversary! He includes an innovative deck that may just break the format soon!

Back In Black

Known as one of the greatest Magic players of all time, Kai Budde played in his first Pro Tour since Paris at PT Avacyn Restored. Read how he became a part of Team #SCGBlack, his testing process with them, and how he did in Barcelona.