Inside The Magic Studio: Mark Herberholz – Part 2

Robert Martin concludes his interview with Pro Tour winner and Hall of Fame candidate Mark Herberholz on this episode of Inside The Magic Studio.

This is Inside The Magic Studio with your host Robert Martin, the interview podcast with the best in Magic: The Gathering. My guest this episode is Mark Herberholz. This is the second part of this interview; you can find Part 1 here.

0:00 – 0:45 – Intro to show the show and guest.

0:45 – 3:14 – What was it that let you know at a young age that you would be good at Magic?

3:14 – 4:10 – From the social aspect, how much does Magic help?

4:10 – 6:17 – What was the turning point for you from being a good player to a great player?

6:17 – 7:21 – You talked a lot about in your articles how Magic became too much for you.

7:21 – 8:06 – How did playing Magic help you play poker or vice versa?

8:06 – 8:54 – When you were at the top of your game, did you feel anyone could beat you?

8:54 – 9:37 – How good were Magic events back in the day?

9:37 – 10:38 – How much better could you have been with spending the extra time needed for a Pro Tour?

10:38 – 12:09 – It seems your relationship with Gabriel Nassif is bigger than the game. What was it about the two of you working together that clicked?

12:09 – 13:11 – You talked about the super teams. Do you feel it can be more detrimental than helpful?

13:11 – 15:01 – You beat Kai Budde in his last competitive match before the comeback. What was that like for you?

15:01 – 15:30 – When you knew it was time to step away from Magic, what were your first thoughts?

15:30 – 16:12 – How did you realize that you wanted to make another attempt at this?

16:12 – 17:07 – You took part in the "I Came to Game" event with some of the best players of all time. How much fun was it to do this?

17:07 – 18:21 – Who do you think should be in the Hall of Fame that isn’t?

18:21 – 19:20 – You talked about how valuable he is as a player to Magic. Why do you think he hasn’t succeeded at the level he should have?

19:20 – 19:40 – How much current Magic have you been watching?

19:40 – 20:34 – Out of the new young players you have seen, who has caught your eye?

20:34 – 21:18 – Could the struggles at the Players Championship made him a better player?

21:18 – 21:41 – How difficult is it to play in an event like that where only the sixteen are in it?

21:41 – 22:21 – If you want to learn more Magic while at events, what kind of matches should you watch?

21:41 – 23:05 – When it comes to drafting in four-on-four Magic, do you think that four players from your era could beat four players from this era?

23:05 – 24:11 – Is that why when you look at Pro Tour results the players from previous era do so well?

24:11 – 24:52 – Did the amount of money you played for in those drafts ever bother you?

24:52 – 25:53 – What is your desire with getting back into playing competitive Magic?

25:53 – 26:52 – With the stats you have put up and players you have beat, why aren’t people voting for you for the Hall of Fame?

26:52 – 27:27 – What is it going to take to get you over the top in voting?

27:27 – 28:30 – What do you think your ranking would be all time in Magic?

28:30 – 28:54 – How much would it mean to you to make the Hall of Fame?

28:54 – To End – How much has Magic given you?