AuthorGabriel Nassif

Gabriel Nassif is heralded as the third-greatest player in Magic's history. He has a collection of high-profile finishes, most recently 1st at both Pro Tour: Kyoto and Grand Prix: Chicago. He was recently inducted in the Hall of Fame.

Deja Vu

Team SCG member and Hall of Famer Gabriel Nassif tells you about how he continued his streak of near misses at Pro Tour Dragon’s Maze, where he played Bant Control to 13th place.

French Nationals And The Hall Of Fame

2010 Hall of Famer Gabriel Nassif picked up the red and green spells for French Nationals. He tells of his experiences with Valakut in the tournament and why it’s a good choice for Standard. Then, he details his Hall of Fame ballot.

Results from Chiba: Worlds Report

Wednesday, December 22nd – Our newest Hall of Famer and two time Pro Tour Champion Gabriel “YellowHat” Nassif, was inducted at Worlds in Chiba and shares his experiences and his updated lists for U/B Control and Extended Valakut in this amazing report.

The Scars Ahead

Wednesday, October 20th – I couldn’t wait for Scars of Mirrodin to be Prereleased on Magic Online. I’ve played ten Sealed Decks in the past three days, and I’ll try to go over everything I’ve learned during my grind.

Feature Article – Topping Grand Prix: Chicago (1st)

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Wednesday, March 25th – Fresh of his epic win in Pro Tour: Kyoto, Gabriel Nassif rocked to Chicago for a little Legacy action. Two days and countless victories later, he stood atop the Magical pile once more. Today, he shares his tournament stories and deck tips, alongside a bonus Extended Faeries list!

Feature Article – Pro Tour: Kyoto Tournament Report (1st)

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Friday, March 13th – Gabriel Nassif, the pundit’s pick for the third-best Magic player of all time, finally picked up an Individual Pro Tour victory at PT: Kyoto. Powered by an excellent Five-Color Control deck, a healthy dose of skill, and some insane top-deck shenanigans, Gabriel shares his story here today. Enjoy!

How to Almost Break a Grand Prix

In case you missed it, Gabriel Nassif has been posting results again. He finished 12th at Pro Tour: Los Angeles and 12th again at Grand Prix: Lille recently. Today he covers his deckbuilding hits and misses and discusses just how close he was to breaking the Legacy format with Solitary Confinement.

Finally! Pro Tour: Atlanta *Winner*

After three second-place finishes in four PT Top 8’s, Gabriel Nassif again found himself in the finals at Pro Tour: Atlanta, this time with teammates David Rood and Gab Tsang. What follows is the story of Nova’s victorious weekend, including special guest appearances by Dave Williams and Josh Arieh of World Poker fame and a very angry Kumano, Master Yamabushi.