AuthorMark Herberholz

Mark Herberholz made the Top 8 of Pro Tour Philadelphia, Pro Tour San Diego, Pro Tour Yokohama and won Pro Tour Honolulu. He was voted as a top 10 deckbuilder of all time by peers and historians, but he is most widely known for his entertaining appearance on The Price is Right.

U/W Control In Modern For SCG Baltimore

Mark Herberholz talks the U/W Control deck that returned him to the Pro Tour in Los Angeles before lighting the fuse on the Hot Take Cannon! Get his excellent insight before SCG Baltimore this weekend!

2015 #MTGHOF

The ballots for this year’s class of the Magic: the Gathering Hall of Fame have gone out, and Mark Herberholz joins us for his look at the top candidates for induction in this year’s #MTGHOF class.

A Brewmaster’s Guide to Brewing

I have a very particular set of skills — skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. The skill I am referring to is brewing masterpieces.

Fall From Grace, Part 3

It’s been a wild ride, but Heezy’s Pro Tour career had its downs as well. Today, he tells the stories that ended his Pro Tour career…for now!

The Gravy Train With Biscuit Wheels, Part 2

Mark Herberholz continues his epic tale of his Pro Tour experiences, from his rise from obscurity to riding a gravy train with biscuit wheels. Read the endless stories of drunken debauchery, of the Pro Tour grind, and of timeless friendships.

The Rise From Obscurity, Part 1

With my eligibility for the Hall of Fame looming, I’ve become a bit nostalgic about my Magic career. There are a lot of great memories, and I thought that there might be people out there interested to take a stroll down memory lane with me…

Pure Octane

When Antonino De Rosa won a PTQ, Mark Herberholz was enlisted to help brew for the Pro Tour. When Mark read the spoiler, Puresteel Paladin jumped out at him. The deck put 5 out of 6 players in the money and 2 in the Top 8!

Untold Legends – Are You a Hustler, Heezy?

Monday, January 3rd – Before I go into this story, I feel as though I should describe to you the art of the hustle. Long before I earned a dollar on the Pro Tour and long after I stopped earning dollars on the Pro Tour, I learned how to pick up some extra bucks by hustling money drafts….

Feature Article — Road to Regionals: Heezy Looks At Gruul

Get ready for Magic the Gathering Regionals!
In yet another Road to Regionals offering, Mark “Heezy” Herberholz — king of the Red/Green beatdown — shares his thoughts on the aggro deck du jour, with special reference to his recent ten-game set versus Mike Flores and the much-discussed Dredge deck. Aggressive strategies are an excellent choice for a diverse Regionals field, so get the top tech from the best in the game!

When Reality Attacks: A PT Charleston Report

Since Pro Tour Honolulu, life on Heezy Street hasn’t been packed with rum and roses… Prague took a toll, and Mark has learnt that a PT winner’s lot isn’t always a happy one. In this entertaining report, he stands toe-to-toe with Reality, attempting to sucker-punch his way back to the top. With a forward from Jeff Cunningham, this report is sure to raise a smile.

I Did It! – A Pro Tour Honolulu Report *Winner*

Mark Herberholz Wins Pro Tour Honolulu!

The illustrious Mark Herberholz joins our growing stable of Feature Writers, and brings a debauched account of Magic, mayhem, and Pro Tour success. Want the inside scoop on the hottest Standard deck? Come get it from the man who won it all… and lived to tell the tale. A fantastic read – for everyone except Jeff Cunningham.

Spice.dec – The Post-Saviors Update!

Believe it or not, there are Kamigawa Block PTQs that start the day after U.S. Regionals. Get the jump on the entire Kamigawa Block Constructed PTQ season today, as Pro Tour: Philadelphia Top 8 competitor Mark Herberholz updates his winning “Spice.dec” for the post-Saviors metagame!

Heezy’s Pro Tour Philadelphia Report and Sideboard Guide *Top 8* Part 2

My back is against the wall and I have to win my next three matches to have a shot at the Top 8. Oh well, I like a little pressure. I won eleven straight matches in San Diego to make my first Top 8 so winning just three matches should be nothing. Then I hear my name being called for a feature match vs. the best player of all time, Kai Budde. Whoopee!