Countdown To Grand Prix Louisville: Today – Final Announcements!

Cedric Phillips welcomes all players to Grand Prix Louisville with a last-minute note and lots of Legacy hype!

Welcome back to the Grand Prix Louisville countdown blog! Yesterday, I introduced you to some of the wonderful food options that Derby City has available to make your belly very happy during your time at Grand Prix Louisville. Whether you love Short Rib Dumplings or Wild Boar Chorizo, Louisville’s food options are plentiful, so you’ll certainly find something you like.

So what’s on tap for today? Just a single housekeeping note right before the big show!

Bundle Up!

Given that it’s the beginning of January, one would expect it to be cold this time a year. But given that players are going to be coming from all over the world to play Magic this weekend, I don’t want anyone to be caught off-guard. So to be as clear as I possibly can be:

It’s going to be quite chilly in Louisville this weekend! Don’t believe me? Then believe the wonderful people who work for The Weather Channel.

I hate being cold. You probably do too. So prepare accordingly so you can be warm while spinning your Sensei’s Divining Top all weekend long.

Are You Ready?!

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