Daily Digest: Utopia Sprawl Is Taking Over Modern, Part 2

Gerry has a keen eye for interesting decklists, and this bold take on a Red/Green build looks very different than what we’ve come to expect. Pick it up and give it a try, #SCGINVI and Grand Prix Charlotte are on their way!

This is a deck I know my buddy Carl Wilt would be proud of. Most big G/R decks would love to play something like Anger of the Gods to handle the little creature decks trying to go under them, but most of the time the G/R decks need to play their own little creatures to accelerate their mana. While this deck has Arbor Elf, it also has Utopia Sprawl as a mana accelerator that doesn’t die to Anger of the Gods. That’s just good deckbuilding.

This deck is not without its non-bos though, as Anger of the Gods still doesn’t interact well with Huntmaster of the Fells (unless it transforms, I guess), Eternal Witness, Scavenging Ooze, and the aforementioned Arbor Elf, but you do what you’ve got to do. Despite Anger of the Gods, those cards still end up being quite powerful, even if it means some of our stuff is getting exiled along the way.

Either way, accelerating into Blood Moon and Molten Rain is pretty phenomenal in this format. If you’re not trying to mana screw your opponent, I supposed accelerating into Thundermaw Hellkite isn’t too shabby either. The other thing I really like about this deck is the return of Bonfire of the Damned. I know you were missing the “Oh, crap, they’re pausing in their draw step!” terror from Standard’s past.

Fat G/R decks have always been poor against blue decks, and this is likely no exception. Choke finds its way into the sideboard as a potential swap when Blood Moon isn’t very good, and there’s more Rending Volleys in this sideboard than I’ve seen in any other Modern deck. Overall, that level of hate is quite impressive, but it’s certainly warranted.