Ask Ken – Thoughts From Grand Prix: New Jersey

Ken didn’t play in the GP this weekend, but he did attend the event. If you want more explanation than that, you’ll have to check inside.

I want to thank you. You could have given us help, but you’ve given us so much more. Today, on a very special Ask Ken, I will convey to you some things I learned while at Grand Pirx: New Jersey. I figure a large enough part of my audience didn’t attend or would like some behind the scenes insight. I’m your host, Ken Krouner, and this is my story of the weekend of August 14, and 15.

1. Brian Kibler is a GP master.

2. Trees don’t move out of the way – just ask Gerard.

3. Always pick up the local for a team draft.

4. Gabe Walls is approaching rock bottom at a rapid pace.

5. The USA held their ground against the European invasion.

6. The only reason Europeans think the U.S. is full of idiots is because it is.

7. Bill Stead should be hosting a variety show on Comedy Central instead of playing on the Pro Tour.

8. My deck is d infi s brah!

9. Iron-Barbed Hellion is better than I gave it credit for, sorry.

10. Going and not playing is very much the same as going and playing once you get used to 0-3 drop.

11. While Brian Kibler should perhaps be in every U.S. GP top 8, he shouldn’t be there with a bandana/headband.

12. GPs are not the same without Wagener and Zajdner.

13. GPs would not be the same without Neil Reeves.

14. The new Magic lingo was old before the instant it was used. Give me the speds and King any day…you donkey.

15. Northeast GPs will always set the record for North American GPs.

16. Tim Aten gets mad if you write about an event and don’t mention him.

17. And the final thing I learned at GP: New Jersey is that no matter how big and well ventilated a venue is, Magic players will always make it smell like rot and death.

The source on the most recent events he is willing to go to,


So that is what I gleaned from my very first GP attended without being a competitor. It was liberating in an”I got to sleep in” sort of way. Tomorrow we’ll return you to our regularly scheduled program. G’night everybody!

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