Ask Ken, 08/16/2004

What deck do you think will win the Standard portion of Worlds?

Hi everybody, Harry Carrey here, and this is”Space: The Infinite Frontier.” With me today I have Dr. Ken Krouner of the Magic University. Welcome Ken.

Thank you Harry, it’s a pleasure to be here. I’m here to answer some questions, so let’s get to it shall we?

Today’s question comes to us from Eric Osiowy. Eric writes:

Hey, I have 2 questions for you today and they both are on the subject of Worlds. Which is coming up very closely on us. I was wondering what deck (in Standard) do you think will win Worlds? And my second question is who will win worlds (both in the teams and individual events)?

What do you think,

Eric Osiowy

Well Eric those are some provocative questions. The first one is tricky, but I would have to say Affinity is a distinct possibility. The metagame is slightly trickier than Block, but it seems to me that Affinity has the stuff to carry it in the most hateful of environments. Especially when piloted by a good player. However I am going to have to say Ponza will be the winner and here’s why…

The winner I predict for the whole tournament is Gabriel Nassif. With two Constructed formats and an incredibly hot season behind him, I think Gabe has to be the pick for first. This kid is amazing and only getting better. It is nearly impossible to predict a winner in the individual portion.

As for the teams portion, this one is close, but I have to go with USA. Bill Stead is one of the top Team Rochester drafters in the world. Craig Krempels has proven himself as well in the teams format, and both are strong individual players. I am not too sure about Ben Zoz, but he seems like a solid third to represent the country. France will be fighting hard, but in the end they will lose in the finals to team USA.

The source on doping the PT (but not in an illegal way),


Well, Dr. it has been a pleasure, we learned some things, shared a few laughs. Join us next time when our guest will be Dr. Albert Einstein… Well apparently Albert Einstein died nearly 50 years ago, well we’ll try to get him anyway. G’night everybody! Cubs win, Cubs win.

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