Ask Ken, 07/02/2004

Alright Ken, who is your favorite Duelist?

It’s true, yesterday was not a fluke. Today is the second Ask Ken is as many days. I’m your host, Ken Krouner. There’s lots of excitement in Magic in the coming weeks. Canadian Nationals is this weekend and is followed by the Team Pro Tour next weekend. Stay tuned for all the action. Let’s see what my adoring fans have to say today.

Today’s question comes from Robert Antunes. Robert asks:


Who is your favorite duelist?



This question is impossible to answer, as I have so many favorites. I’ll go down some of them and explain why they are there.

Neil Reeves – There is no one in Magic who can make me laugh like Neil. His humor is quite subtle, but rest assured, this lovable hick is one of the best.

Phil Freneau – There is not a soul to ever play on the PT that is nicer than Phil. He is always in a good mood and it always great to be around.

Jens Thoren/Jeff Fung – These are my favorite teammates for money draft.

Joe Crosby/Paul Sottosanti – These guys are my best friends both in and out of the game.

Osyp Lebedowicz – Osyp is funny, kind, and classy. There aren’t many better to be around.

Joe Weber/Mike Turian – These two more than any others I consider my mentors. They are also great friends.

Aaron Lipczinski/Jill Costigan/Joe Snyder/Mike Hayner/Adam Chambers/Alex Melnikow – This is my crew of gamers in driving distance that I can’t get enough of.

I have so many friends in this game, I can’t possibly list them all, but this game is completely filled with good men.

The source on all my loved ones,


Hope you are enjoying my triumphant return. Next week brings some exciting letters and the return of the guest columnists. Keep those letters rolling in and have a great weekend everybody!

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Welcome to the new season of Ask Ken. I know you all missed me. I’m your host, Ken Krouner. July looks to be a spectacular month here at Ask Ken. We have some great guest stars in the pipeline, and a wide open inbox just begging for your burning questions. Let’s see what today’s mail bag has to offer, shall we?

Today’s letter comes to us from Maurice. Maurice writes:

What makes you want to do the”Ask Ken” articles?



Well Maurice, there are a lot of reasons, some selfish, some altruistic. I’ll list every single reason I do it with complete honesty:

1) They pay me. They don’t pay me a lot for this daily column, but I do get a nominal fee for it, so that shouldn’t be ignored.

2) I like fielding questions about things I feel I know a lot about. I may not be the best in any area of this game, but I think I know a lot about many aspects.

3) My fifteen minutes of fame was waning. It has been over a year since I accomplished anything relevant in the game itself, I wanted to make sure people didn’t forget me.

4) I wanted to present a forum where people could ask questions about any aspect of the game. I didn’t think one of these existed in a pure form, so I wanted to develop that.

5) It is a way for me to write that isn’t very time consuming. I have a full time job and I enjoy my free time. Ask Ken lets me write about Magic in an expedient way.

6) It allowed for a more creative outlet than my strategy articles.

7) I like having a full Inbox. Makes me feel special.

And that is my motivation in a nutshell. I hope you all enjoy the work I am doing.

The source for my internal muse,


It’s good to be back. The MD5 series seems to be a success, and I hope this new season of Ask Ken will follow suit. Please don’t be bashful with the e-mails, there is no such thing as too many. G’night Everybody!

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