Ask Ken, 07/01/2004

Fear not, for I have returned!

Welcome to the new season of Ask Ken. I know you all missed me. I’m your host, Ken Krouner. July looks to be a spectacular month here at Ask Ken. We have some great guest stars in the pipeline, and a wide open inbox just begging for your burning questions. Let’s see what today’s mail bag has to offer, shall we?

Today’s letter comes to us from Maurice. Maurice writes:

What makes you want to do the”Ask Ken” articles? 



Well Maurice, there are a lot of reasons, some selfish, some altruistic. I’ll list every single reason I do it with complete honesty:

1) They pay me. They don’t pay me a lot for this daily column, but I do get a nominal fee for it, so that shouldn’t be ignored.

2) I like fielding questions about things I feel I know a lot about. I may not be the best in any area of this game, but I think I know a lot about many aspects.

3) My fifteen minutes of fame was waning. It has been over a year since I accomplished anything relevant in the game itself, I wanted to make sure people didn’t forget me.

4) I wanted to present a forum where people could ask questions about any aspect of the game. I didn’t think one of these existed in a pure form, so I wanted to develop that.

5) It is a way for me to write that isn’t very time consuming. I have a full time job and I enjoy my free time. Ask Ken lets me write about Magic in an expedient way.

6) It allowed for a more creative outlet than my strategy articles.

7) I like having a full Inbox. Makes me feel special.

And that is my motivation in a nutshell. I hope you all enjoy the work I am doing.

The source for my internal muse,


It’s good to be back. The MD5 series seems to be a success, and I hope this new season of Ask Ken will follow suit. Please don’t be bashful with the e-mails, there is no such thing as too many. G’night Everybody!

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