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Planeshift Prerelease Report

So our fair city of Ottawa FINALLY got a pre-release, for Planeshift. Now for those of you who don’t know, Ottawa IS the capital of Canada, so WHY they haven’t gotten one until now is beyond me… Kinda like Washington D.C. not getting one or something. Anyway, when we learned that Top 8 would each…

How We Found A Way To Sell Those World Championship Decks

Before I launch into my report, let me give you a little history to bring you up to speed on the "history" of the Gambit Invitational. About five years ago, after I had been laid off from my job at the time, a friend of mine who had been managing the game part of a…


Charmed by his new baby daughter, Bennie manages to pull
himself away from the crib long enough to discuss the impact of the Dragon Charms.


And as an extra-special consolation prize to those who wound up on Shawn’s Bottom 10 List, here’s some Boydellian suggestions for making a better site!