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Has Internet Writing Hit its Peak?

latest article, "Why StarCity Is A Scrub Site," rung true on many points. From the lack of information on Invasion Block to the general lack of strategy, one is entitled to wonder if Magic writing on the Internet has finally hit its peak. To find the answer, we must take a look at the past,…

Planeshift Prerelease Report *T2* – Handa, Japan

Do YOU enjoy playing Japanese Limited? Sure, pros and casual players alike love playing Japanese cards once in a while. The kana and kanji (Japanese’s written characters) look downright silly paired up with your familiar and friendly card art. Japanese cards are also the most expensive per pack (going for an SRP of 500 yen,…

The Dead Thread

The entire Featured Writer staff of Star City weighs in on last week’s article. WARNING: More issues-per-square-inch than any other Rizzo article, ever.

Machinegun Rantings

Well, I haven’t been truly inspired to write anything of late, but so many columns out there have either touched me or irked me that I feel I must surface from the depths of indifference and bother the Ferrett…one more time. (Trust me, it ain’t a bother, it’s a pleasure — , connoisseur of fine…