Jen Bartel Returns To MTG In New Secret Lair Drop

Award-winning illustrator & comic artist is getting her own Secret Lair drop.

Vendilion Clique, illustrated by Willian Murai

Best known for her work with Marvel and Image Comics, Jen Bartel previously illustrated Vendillion Clique as part of a Secret Lair drop last year, and returns to Magic: The Gathering as a special guest for the Secret Lair All-Natural, Totally Refreshing Superdrop.

This drop features four popular Commander and Pauper cards (Archaeomancer, Bloom Tender, Meteor Golem, Mesa Enchantress), each with stunning new comic-inspired artwork.

The Special Guest: Jen Bartel drop will be available beginning June 21 and comes in foil ($39.99) and non-foil ($29.99) variants. Check out the Secret Lair site for pricing and ordering information on all the drops.