Rowan Meets Ashiok, Kellan Takes A Giant Step On His Quest In Wilds Of Eldraine Episode 3

Rowan finds out who cast the Wicked Slumber while Kellan and Ruby befriend giants in the clouds

Illustrated by Nestor Ossandon Leal

The third chapter of the Wilds of Eldraine story continues with Rowan meeting Ashiok and an aunt while Kellan and Ruby get closer to finding the second witch.

Episode 3: Two Great Banquets picks up as Rowan makes her way to the charred ruins of Castle Ardenvale and has to fend off former allies as the Wicked Slumber not only keeps the castle’s knights asleep, but controls them like puppets to fight her. Rowan takes a few blows, but through her swordsmanship, and more importantly, her ability to summon lightning, she makes it to the castle. Once inside the castle, more knights attack in dance-like formation, stripping her of her weapon. Before things get too dire, a hand finds her own in the mass of knights — it’s Ashiok, and the planeswalker welcomes Rowan to the Court of the Ardent Queen. Upon Ashiok’s welcoming message, the knights stop attacking and kneel at attention.

Ashiok is a friend and counselor to Eriette, who is one of the three witches Lord Talion has sent Kellan to defeat and also the caster of the Wicked Slumber. Eriette speaks with Rowan and tells her how much she admires Rowan’s ability and drive. She also reveals that she is one of the sisters of Rowan’s birth mother, confirming Rowan has witch blood. Rowan’s mother attempted to kill her and Will as part of a spell, but King Kenrith and Linden saved them by killing her.

Illustrated by Mila Pesic

Eriette explains how the Wicked Slumber was necessary to save the realm and people of it, even though it put many to sleep. She also mentions that those in the sleep are in a dream of a happier life, which she is able to show Rowan for a moment with the help of Ashiok. Eriette tells Rowan that she could also learn to cast spells to unite and bring peace to the people. Eriette takes Rowan as her heir and will teach her the ways of a witch. Ashiok also tells her that Rowan has lost her spark, like many others after the Phyrexian War.

From there, the story takes us back to Kellan and Ruby climbing the beanstalk they were instructed to climb from Lord Talion in the previous episode. They used Peter’s savings to hire a Vedalken climbing guide named Troyon, as Peter’s injuries keep him grounded. The climb is a struggle and Troyon offers Kellan and Ruby a potion to help with the ascent, though only Kellan takes him up on it. The potion temporarily transforms Kellan into a frog-like being and Ruby latches on to him so they can jump up the beanstalk at a faster pace.

Illustrated by Lucas Graciano

They reach the top and find the giant, moonlit castle of Stormkeld. It’s so large, the doors appear bigger than the towers of typical castles on the ground. The three make their way to the courtyard as the land begins to quake. The shockwaves are coming from the footfalls of giants waltzing in the castle, despite the group purposefully arriving at the castle under nightfall. Kellan, Ruby, and Troyon are miniature in comparison to the dancing giants, so they sneak their way through to a staircase as they begin hunting for the Indrelon mirror.

But as they climb the stairs they run into a goose being led down the stairs by the lady of the castle, and the goose makes a commotion after spotting them. They attempt to run, but Kellan slips and falls, allowing the giant to pick him up and interrogate the adventurer. Kellan and Ruby tell the giant that they are looking for the mirror and want to ask it questions. Beluna, the giant, assumes they are lying and refuses, but Lord Yorvo, the former giant king who vanished from Garenbrig during the invasion, welcomes them as guests and gives them permission to see the mirror after hearing they were sent by Lord Talion.

Beluna takes them to a bedroom and shows the group the mirror. Kellan asks it straight-up where Hylda the witch is and gets no response. Upon hearing the mirror requires new information before offering any answers, Troyon tells it he wasn’t born on Eldraine, which is a surprise to Kellan and Ruby. This triggers the mirror, which reveals an image of an icy castle atop a rocky cliff. Ruby says it is Loch Larent and claims it wasn’t an icy fortress before the war. The story ends with Kellan asking Ruby for her to lead them there.

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