Pallet Of Trading Cards Worth Approximately $300,000 Stolen At Gen Con

Gen Con Thieves make off with six-figures worth of assorted trading cards

This past weekend, thousands of gamers gathered in Indianapolis, IN for Gen Con, North America’s largest tabletop gaming convention. While most guests flocked to the vast array of booths to check out upcoming card and board games, two thieves managed to steal upwards of $300,000 worth of trading cards.

Equipped with a pallet jack, two men made their way to the vendor hall during the convention’s setup and loaded up a pallet stacked with trading card game (TCG) products. While it’s unknown what kind of cards were stolen, an employee at a local game store speculated that they appeared to be some combination of Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, and Disney’s Lorcana TCG, which would make its debut just hours later. Lorcana’s developer, Ravensburger, would later issue a statement declaring that their inventory was all accounted for.

While the thieves were able to successfully escape with their haul, they apparently didn’t account for the numerous security cameras in the convention hall – many of which captured decently clear images of both men’s faces. Indianapolis police are currently investigating and should be contacted with any tips identifying the suspects.

This theft comes just three months after a local game store in the greater Indianapolis area was burglarized of $15,000 in Magic cards, although it’s currently unclear if the crimes are attributable to the same individual(s).

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