Outlaws Of Thunder Junction Play Boosters To Include Special Breaking News Cards

Leaked product details reveal new bonus sheet for Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Following yesterday’s Outlaws of Thunder Junction leaks, more new information for Magic’s next Standard-legal set has surfaced.

Published in an article from MTG Arena Zone, the leaked information was reportedly sourced from stores who accidently broke the set embargo.

Play Boosters and Breaking News Cards

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Play boosters will feature Breaking News bonus cards which are allegedly a bonus sheet, similar to the Enchanting Tales from Wilds of Eldraine. These cards are reprints with new artwork and a “front-page news style frame” that appear in one slot per Play booster. Additionally, Play booster packs will also include a full-art Western Landscape land (16% appearance rate) and a “special card from Magic history” (20% appearance rate). It’s currently unclear whether the special cards are referring to The List, but if they are, it would mean their appearance rate has been increased from 12.5% to 20%.

Commander Decks

Also revealed were the faces of the four Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander decks.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction is schedule to release on April 19, 2024.

Read the original article from MTG Arena Zone.