MTG Outlaws Of Thunder Junction Packaging Leak Potentially Shows Return Of Key Characters

New MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction leaks hint at return of beloved characters

New leaks for Magic: The Gathering Outlaws of Thunder Junction have potentially revealed key details surrounding the main cast of the set.

Magic’s Reddit community was abuzz this morning, as several posts were made allegedly showing off everything from product packaging for Outlaws of Thunder Junction‘s Collector booster boxes, Play boosters and Bundles, to MTG Arena preorder bundle artwork. If legitimate, the leaks confirm the return of a key character we haven’t seen since the events of March of the Machine, and hints at another.

You can check out images of the leaks below. Be aware, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has neither confirmed or denied the validity of these images.

Thanks to official promotional artwork, we know Oko is the main character in this set, and this leaked Collector booster box artwork is made more credible because of that.

Next up, we have three images shared to Reddit by user Jcae_Sculptor12, which appear to show off the artwork for Play Booster boxes, individual packs, and Bundle.

Once again, Oko is front and center in much of the art, except for the Bundle, which appears to show a character with clawed, red hands, possibly Rakdos, although it’s hard to imagine a giant, cult-leading Demon wearing tan slacks. Some have speculated that it could be Tibalt, although it was thought he was killed by Tyvar after joining Phyrexia.

Lastly, there are three smaller images shared by the same user, appearing to be taken from upcoming MTG Arena bundles. Most importantly, if this leak is real, it confirms that Vraska survived the events of March of the Machine, where she was last scene with Jace, both being consumed by Phyresis. We also see Kellan returning for the third set in a row.

So what do you think of these leaks? If they’re real, what do you think we’re in for story-wise with Outlaws of Thunder Junction?

Outlaws of Thunder Junction is schedule to release on April 19, 2024.