Full Sliver Swarm Commander Deck From Commander Masters Revealed

First of four Commander decks from Commander Masters unveiled

Sliver Hivelord illustrated by Aleksi Briclot

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast (WotC) and Commander at Home, check out the Sliver Swarm Commander Deck from Commander Masters!

The front-facing legendary Sliver Gravemother was already previewed, but now we get to see the legendary Human Wizard alternate commander for the Sliver Swarm deck along with all the other new cards.

The deck introduces five new Slivers to the ever-increasing fan-favorite creature type. Take a look at Capricious Sliver, Hatchery Sliver, Lazotep Sliver, Regal Sliver, and Taunting Sliver.

The remaining three new cards aren’t Slivers, but are cards that play well with them or any other creature type you want to build around. Check out Descendants’ Fury, For the Ancestors, and Titan of Littjara.

Take a look at the entire Commander deck below:

What do you think of the Sliver Swarm deck? What new cards are you excited to pick up for your Commander decks?

Commander Masters is scheduled to release on August 4. View our official preview gallery.