First Five MTG Characters Coming To SMITE Crossover Event Revealed

New details available on crossover event coming out next week

Atraxa, Praetors’ Voice illustrated by Victor Adame Minguez

The SMITE Twitter account showed off the first five Magic: The Gathering legends that will be included in the upcoming MTG x Smite crossover event.

SMITE announced the crossover with a teaser video last week. Now we know at least five of the MTG characters that will be included in the free-to-play battle arena MOBA on PC, Playstation, X Box, and Nintendo Switch.

The tweet shows Liliana, Chandra, Karn, Jace, and Atraxa as the first batch of characters that will joining the battleground of SMITE. Notably, it looks like the MTG characters are re-skins of the Gods in the game. Liliana is Nu Wa: Guardian of Heaven, Chandra is Pele: Goddess of Volcanoes, Karn is Atlas: Titan of the Cosmos, Atraxa is Thanatos: Hand of Death, and Jace is Yu Huang: The Jade Emperor.

According to the SMITE website, the crossover event will begin on January 24 with the Fire Giant Update. The event will have 10 planeswalkers, creature skins and four cosmetic bundles players can roll from the Magic: The Gathering chest! Players will also be able to purchase the items directly. If you roll three of the items you get to choose the fourth item. The update page mentions 10 planeswalkers, though Atraxa isn’t a planeswalker despite being revealed as one of the first five characters coming to the game.

The first five skins will be available after the January 24 update and the second set of five will go live on February 7 for the bonus update. Players that buy all the items from the MTG event will receive a player title and avatar.

Each planeswalker will have a free quest chain in game, though only one can be selected at a time.

More details on the MTG x SMITE crossover event and the Fire Giant update for the game can be found here.