Magic: The Gathering x SMITE Crossover Coming Soon

Planeswalkers will be jumping into the world of SMITE

Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God illustrated by Raymond Swanland

Magic: The Gathering will be joining forces with SMITE for a new crossover event starting sometime this month.

The SMITE Twitter account dropped a teaser video showing Chandra, Jace, and Nicol Bolas battling in the free-to-play battle arena MOBA on PC, Playstation, X Box, and Nintendo Switch. Players control gods, goddesses, and other mythical figures in team-based combat in various PvP game modes. The video didn’t give a start date other than it “begins January 2023.”

While it is unclear if the planeswalkers from Magic will be completely new characters or reskins of in-game champions, it looks like Nicol Bolas will be the big bad in the event. The teaser shows Chandra fighting a character from SMITE, so the crossover might have scenarios where the planeswalkers square off against the champions or team up with them to fight Nicol Bolas.

Members of the MTG community appeared pretty excited about the crossover.