Cowboy Bebop MTG Promo Cards Will Be Available In Upcoming Standard Showdown Events

Players can get special crossover promos starting in August

Ossification illustrated by Maxilla

Magic: The Gathering players outside of Japan will also be able to get their hands on some Cowboy Bebop promo cards relatively soon.

The Cowboy Bebop X MTG Crossover was unveiled on Friday with Japanese WPN stores getting exclusive postcards, playmats, and sleeves, but all WPN stores can get in on the action starting in August. Players can win a different Cowboy Bebop promo card during each Standard Showdown from August to May of 2025.

The corresponding time frames for Standard Showdown events and the traditional foil Cowboy Bebop promo cards available will breakdown like this:

  • August 2 – September 19, 2024: Ossification
  • September 27 – November 7, 2024: Disdainful Stroke
  • November 15, 2024 – January 30, 2025: Go for the Throat
  • February 7 – March 2, 2025: Lightning Strike
  • April 4 – May 29, 2025: Snakeskin Veil

Read the official announcement from Wizards of the Coast. Learn more about the full Cowboy Bebop X MTG Crossover campaign here.