Cowboy Bebop X MTG Crossover Events Offer Exclusive Promos, Products In Japan

Special playmats, sleeves, postcards, and promo cards coming soon

Magic: The Gathering is partnering up with Cowboy Bebop in Japan for some special crossover events for WPN stores.

The collaboration with Cowboy Bebop, a popular space western anime series that aired for 26 episodes from 1998-1999, features multiple campaigns — the first of which runs from April 26 through March 31, 2025. Customers who purchase 3,000 yen (roughly $19.43) of sealed MTG products released after 2021 receive one of five postcards using art from the Cowboy Bebop x Magic: The Gathering Opening Homage Trailer. In addition, 1,000 lucky participants get a playmat or pack of sleeves featuring the same art.

The art for the postcards, playmats, and sleeves can be seen below (with the number of playmats and packs of sleeves that will be given away). Oko and members of his gang grace the products.

Details for the second campaign haven’t been revealed yet, but Reddit users found an image of cards that looks to be related to it. The cards pictured are Ossification, Disdainful Stroke, Go for the Throat, Lightning Strike, and Snakeskin Veil.

The third campaign takes place at Players Convention Aichi 2024 on May 25-26. A limited edition playmat, showcasing Oko, Vraska, Kellan, and Rakdos, will be distributed at the event.

Learn more about the Cowboy Bebop x MTG crossover here.