Bethesda Kicks Off MTG – Fallout Preview Season With Three New Cards

Bethesda kicks off MTG – Fallout preview season with three new cards

The official Fallout and Bethesda X accounts kicked off preview season for Magic: The Gathering – Fallout by sharing three new cards. Check out Preston Garvey, Minuteman, Agent Frank Horrigan, and T-45 Power Armor!

Another settlement needs our help! Thankfully, Preston Garvey can be our Commander and help us out. At the beginning of combat on your turn, Preston creates a green Settlement Aura enchantment token attached to one of your lands. That land can be tapped for one mana of any color, and whenever he attacks, you untap each enchanted permanent you control.

Next up is Agent Frank Horrigan, a seven-drop 8/6 with trample and indestructible as long as he has attacked this turn. More importantly, whenever Frank attacks or enters the battlefield, you’ll get to proliferate twice, which can get out of hand quickly.

Lastly, we have the iconic T-45 Power Armor. A creature equipped with the T-45 will get +3/+3, but won’t be able to untap during your untap step. When it enters the battlefield, you get two energy which can be used during your upkeep to untap the equipped creature. When you activate this ability, you’ll put a menace, lifelink, or trample counter on that creature.

So which of these cards are you most likely to play? If you’re already brewing up decks for these three, be sure to share them with us on Facebook and X.

MTG – Fallout is scheduled to release on March 8. View our official preview gallery.