Another Version Of Persistent Petitioners Pulled From Secret Lair Drop

Sixth alternate art variant discovered today

Persistent Petitioner illustrated by Jason Rainville

A new alternate art version of Persistent Petitioners was opened in a Secret Lair drop, marking the sixth variant of the fan-favorite common from Ravnica Allegiance.

Reddit user melopasopipa posted the image to the r/MagicTCG subreddit, claiming to have opened the new version as the bonus card in the foil Shades Not Included Secret Lair drop. This take on the 1/3 Human Advisor has art by Galen Dara. The card has gained popularity as one of the few cards that breaks the rule of only having four copies of a card in a deck.

Other variants of Persistent Petitioners fetch a pretty penny, ranging from $80-$400. The version below, featuring art by Brandi Milne, is the most sought after variant. Milne illustrated the cards in the Valentines Day 2021 Secret Lair drop.

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