First Lorcana Gameplay Demos On April 24-25 At GAMA

Trade event will give first glimpse at Lorcana gameplay.

Mickey Mouse, Brave Little Tailor

Disney’s Lorcana trading card game will have its first public gameplay demonstrations later this month, April 24-25, at the GAMA Expo, a trade event of the Game Manufacturers Association. Content creator danregal spotted the information on page 87 of the Expo’s Site Book, or program.

According to the Site Book, Ravensburger, manufacturers of Lorcana, will provide “a short demo” on Monday, April 24, and Tuesday, April 25. Demos will take place at Game Night, a late-evening event running from 9 PM to midnight.

While Lorcana fans have seen individual cards and learned what several keywords mean, information on actual gameplay remains scarce. Details from the trade event will be of great interest to players.

Lorcana’s The First Chapter is scheduled to release on August 18 in local game stores and September 1 for mass-market retail.

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