Disney’s Lorcana TCG Reveals Three New Cards, Including A Powerful Super Rare

A new action card and two characters have been added to the Lorcana roster

If you’ve been craving new Lorcana cards, you’re in luck! Here are three new cards: a common, uncommon, and powerful super rare!

Simba, Protective Cub is a common, two-cost 2/3 that is aligned with amber ink. Simba quests for one lore and comes equipped with the bodyguard ability which allows him to enter play exerted, and any opposing character looking to challenge your characters will have to go through him first!

Next up is an uncommon, one-cost action card — Befuddle! Befuddle is aligned with amethyst ink and returns a character or item with cost 2 or less to their player’s hand. Important to note, Befuddle can target either your characters and items or your opponents’ – allowing you to get extra value from your cheap cards, or slow your opponent down.

Lastly, we have Tinker Bell, Giant Fairy, a six-cost 4/5 that is aligned with steel ink. This is the second steel ink-aligned Tinker Bell we’ve seen, however this one is considerably larger – giant even! With the Shift 4 ability, you can play this super rare card for just four ink, but only if you’re playing it on top of another Tinker Bell card. Despite the restriction, curving Tinker Bell, Tiny Tactician on Turn 3 into Giant Fairy on Turn 4 will be a devastating set of turns.

Tinker Bell, Giant Fairy also comes with two other abilities: Rock The Boat, which deals one damage to each opposing character when she’s played, and Puny Pirate! which activates whenever you banish another character with Tinker Bell in a challenge. When this ability activates, you have the option to deal two damage to any chosen opposing character. On top of all these abilities, she also quests for two lore, making Tinker Bell, Giant Fairy one of Lorcana’s strongest cards revealed so far!

Lorcana’s The First Chapter is scheduled to release on August 18 in local game stores and September 1 for mass-market retail.

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