Lilo, Kronk, And More New Cards Revealed For Disney’s Lorcana TCG

Five new cards join the Lorcana’s The First Chapter roster

July is proving to be a busy month for Disney’s upcoming trading card game (TCG), Lorcana, but things are only going to get crazier as the game’s August 18 launch rapidly approaches. Let’s take a look at today’s five new cards!

We’ve already seen several Stitch cards, so it’s about time we get his best friend, Lilo! Lilo, Making a Wish is a one-cost 1/1 that is aligned with amber ink. She has no abilities, and cannot be used as a resource in your inkwell, but questing for two lore as early as your second turn could be powerful in the right deck. While there are other one-cost characters that are objectively stronger, Lilo Making a Wish is a rare, so it’s likely we’ll see another card revealed (possibly a song?) that makes her much stronger.

Next up are Ursula’s devious sidekicks, Flotsam and Jetsam. The amethyst-aligned duo come with abilities that interact with one another, but can also hold their own… on their own.

The common-rarity Jetsam costs four to play and has three strength and willpower. It only quests for one lore, but is hard to deal with thanks to the evasive ability. It also gives your Flotsam characters evasive with the Sinister Slither ability.

The other half of the pair, Flotsam is a five-cost 3/4 with rush and has the Dexterous Lunge ability, which grants your Jetsam characters rush as well. Flotsam also quests for two lore, earning it a higher rarity than its partner.

Kronk, Right-Hand Man is a six-cost 6/6 that is aligned with steel ink. He may quest for two lore, but that’s about it.

Lastly is the first 101 Dalmatians card we’ve seen — Pongo, Ol’ Rascal. Pongo is a four-cost 2/3 and is aligned with ruby ink. He comes with the evasive ability and quests for two lore, making him a reasonable common-rarity card.

Lorcana’s The First Chapter is scheduled to release on August 18 in local game stores and September 1 for mass-market retail.

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