Flesh And Blood’s Uprising Release Date Delayed In The US

Release date of newest set pushed back a week in the United States

Dracona Optimai illustrated by Alexander Mokhov

Legend Story Studios (LSS) announced the release date for Uprising in the United States has been delayed until July 1.

Despite the ample buffer time LSS allotted for the original release date of June 24, sufficient supply of Uprising hasn’t been able to be delivered to the US on time due to “major disruptions to the timely delivery of goods across all industries.”

Prerelease events scheduled across the US this weekend are still set to run without problems, though Road to Nationals events scheduled for July 2-3 might be affected. LSS account managers will be reaching out to stores impacted by the delays to find a solution to any issues.

With the delay, LSS is changing the legality date for Uprising in the US to July 1. All other countries will still use the June 24 date for release and legality.

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