Flesh And Blood Updates Procedure And Penalty Guide, Adds Third REL

Game now has clear lines for Casual, Competitive, and Professional REL

Lord of Wind illustrated by Andrey Savchuk

Legend Story Studios (LSS) announced an upcoming update to Flesh and Blood’s rules enforcement levels via a new Procedure and Penalty Guide.

The Flesh and Blood Rules and Policy Manager, Joshua Scott, penned the details for the new Procedure and Penalty Guide that will replace the current Penalty Guidelines when it goes into effect on June 27. The majority of the update is the addition of a third level of rules enforcement (REL) — a new Casual REL. Casual REL is designed for local in-store play and will be used for Tier 1 events, which includes Skirmishes, Armories, prereleases, and world premieres.

Competitive REL will be replacing the previous version of Casual REL and it is designed for, as the name states, competitive play. It will be many players’ first introduction to judges as the barrier to entry is still relatively low, but the events will have higher stakes. Competitive REL will be used for Tier 2 events, which includes ProQuests, Road to Nationals, Battle Hardened events, and Day 1 of Callings.

Professional REL is a more strict version of Competitive REL aimed at the highest levels of competitive play. Professional REL puts its emphasis more on equity rather than education due to the environment of the events and the players having higher knowledge of the game. Professional REL will be used for Tier 3 and 4 events, which include Pro Tours, Nationals, World Championships, and Day 2 of Callings.

A preview of the new PPG can be found here.

Read the original article from LSS to see a list of infractions and their penalties. Some of the policy changes are updated base penalties for infractions, including improper shuffling, marked cards, and improperly determining a winner.