Marvel Enigma, New Moon Is The Latest Chase Card In Flesh And Blood

Only 100 copies of the full-art hero from Part the Mistveil exist

Enigma, New Moon illustrated by Livia Prima

One of the rarest cards in Flesh and Blood history was revealed this weekend at the World Premiere for Part the Mistveil in Tokyo, Japan. Take a look at the full-art marvel version of Enigma, New Moon!

The first images of the marvel Enigma, New Moon came from Cedric Phillips on X (formerly Twitter) yesterday. And this news comes less than a week after the discovery of the gold packs and the additional legendary hero from Part the Mistveil.

Only 100 copies of the cold foil, double-sided young Mystic Illusionist hero exist. Flesh and Blood creator, James White, mentioned in an interview posted to the Fluke and Box YouTube channel that with only 100 English printings, the marvel version of Enigma, New Moon is the rarest card in Flesh and Blood — eclipsing the marvel Emperor, Dracai of Aether from Uprising. The Collector’s Centre page from LSS also shows the rarity for the card. The only cards rarer are the serialized artist sketch variants of Chane, Bound by Shadow and Prism, Sculptor of Arclight from Dusk Till Dawn (which had 10 copies each).

Enigma, New Moon is only available in the gold packs that come in roughly one in 20 boxes of Part the Mistveil. Most of these gold packs will contain the rainbow foil extended-art Enigma, New Moon and two Spectral Shield tokens, but the incredibly lucky will find the full-art marvel version of the fourth hero from the set. The rainbow foil Enigma, New Moon is printed in localized languages, so gold packs from Japanese and French boxes will feature the hero in those languages. The marvel will only appear in English, but will be distributed proportionally to all regions.

The marvel Enigma, New Moon joined the final two Japanese exclusives to complete the full spoiler of Part the Mistveil, A Mask of Momentum and marvel anime alternate art version of Enigma, Ledger of Ancestry that are only available in Japanese products were also discovered this past weekend in Tokyo.

Part the Mistveil is set to release globally on May 31. View all the cards in set here.