First Look At Two Cards From Flesh And Blood Classic Battles

New Dorinthea hero and Warrior mentor revealed.

Courtesy of Legend Story Studios and ICV2, check out the first two cards previewed from the upcoming Flesh and Blood welcome product — Classic Battles: Rhinar vs Dorinthea.

The new offering is a bundle that includes two ready-to-play 40-card Blitz decks, an illustrated lore book, and a quickstart playmat for $49.90. One of the heroes is a new version of Dorinthea. Take a look at Dorinthea, Quicksilver Prodigy.

This version of Dorinthea is a Young Warrior with four intellect and a life value of 20. Her ability appears to interact with the weapon that will most likely be included in the Classic Battles product, named Dawnblade, Resplendent. The weapon shares a name with Dawnblade, a two-handed Sword Warrior weapon from Welcome to Rathe. The first time Dawnblade Resplendent gains go again each turn, you may attack an additional time with it this turn.

We also get to see a new Warrior mentor, Hala Goldenhelm.

Hala Goldenhelm is a Warrior-specific mentor that can only go in your deck if your hero is young (which normally means you are playing Blitz). To play Hala Goldenhelm, place it in your arsenal at the end of your turn, then on your next turn you can start by flipping her face up. The next two times a sword attack you control hits, it gains go again and put a lesson counter on her. Once she has two counters, banish her and search your deck for Glistening Steelblade and put it face up in your arsenal.

We don’t know much about Glistening Steelblade yet, but it appears to be a card with Dorinthea specialization, meaning you can only have it in your deck if your hero is Dorinthea. It also appears to be a yellow (pitch 2) card from the sliver of art we can see from the product image. What else can you decipher from the picture below?

Classic Battles: Rhinar vs Dorinthea comes with two cold foil heroes, two cold foil weapons, eight rainbow foil equipment cards, and two 40-card Blitz decks. It is set to release on May 27. See more information from the Flesh and Blood product page.