Flesh And Blood Comprehensive Rulebook 2.0 Published

Get up to speed on the changes to the Flesh and Blood rules

Pulse of Candlehold illustrated by Pavel Kondrashov

Joshua Scott, the Rules and Policy Manager for Legend Story Studios, announced the publishing of the Flesh and Blood Comprehensive Rulebook 2.0 today. The update to the rulebook is effective now and will be used for this weekend’s Calling: Indianapolis at SCG CON.

Scott has been covering the updates with his column Back Alley Oracle, where he goes over the minor updates and changes to cards and their interactions within the game. Some of the new rulings go against what was previously stated, and the new rulings will be reflected in the Comprehensive Rulebook 2.0. Some changes have little impact on gameplay, but the minor technical interactions needed addressed with the new guide.

Scott’s articles have detailed breakdowns of all the updates and changes to cards and interactions, but a list of what’s new can be read below:

  • Snag and Chokeslam apply retroactively.
  • Flicker Wisp’s damage increases before prevention is applied on the opponent’s turn.
  • Blazing Aether and Scour are not affected by Crucible of Aetherweave-like effects when they would deal 0 damage.
  • Battleworn, Blade Break, Temper, Zephyr Needle, Phantasmal Footsteps only trigger when the combat chain closes.
  • Find Center can now be defended by equipment.
  • Frost Lock and Lead the Charge check X cost cards after X is declared.
  • Flic Flak doesn’t stack and Glint vs Reckless Swing/Steelblade Shunt.
  • Ironsong Response and Rout have limitations on targeting.
  • Stamp Authority now stops all attack action card triggered effects.

On top of those updates, Korshem, Crossroad of Elements received its own article detailing many interactions with the fabled card. The third installment of Back Alley Oracle links to the new rulebook and goes over the remaining few minor updates like timing windows, Spectral Shield interactions on the combat chain, and mentors.

See the new rules in action this weekend with live coverage of the Calling: Indianapolis on Twitch starting at 10 AM ET on Saturday.