Second Flesh And Blood Pro Tour To Be Held In France

Pro Tour 2 will feature Classic Constructed and Draft.

Arknight Ascendancy illustrated by Alexander Mokhov

Legend Story Studios (LSS) announced today that the second Flesh and Blood Pro Tour will be in France this August.

While LSS is still finalizing dates and locations, we do know that the first European Pro Tour will have a $100,000 prize pool and include gold foil legendary prize cards for top finishers. And as the event will be following a new booster set, the Pro Tour will showcase both Classic Constructed and Draft formats.

Pro Tour 2 will be a four-day event, with Thursday being used for competitor on-site check-in. Friday will feature the first day of competition, and Saturday will include a Day 2 cut and determine the Top 8. Sunday will be dedicated to the Top 8 Classic Constructed playoff.

The weekend in France will have more to offer than just the Pro Tour. A $20,000 Calling is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday for players who miss the Day 2 cut and anyone else looking to play as the event is open to the public. Sunday will also play host to a Battle Hardened event with a $2,000 prize pool and two PTIs up for grabs.

Another season of ProQuests will be held so that players can earn PTIs to the event following the upcoming Skirmish season. Europe will also have more Battle Hardened events scheduled to provide more ways for players to earn their shot at the Pro Tour. There will also be at least one more Calling scheduled in Europe before the Pro Tour, but the location hasn’t been revealed yet.

Read the official announcement from LSS.