AuthorWes Wise

Wes Wise is a Legacy and Commander enthusiast that has spent over a decade heavily involved in the MTG community. He has accumulated several cash finishes at GPs and multiple Open Series top 8s. These days he's a lot less competitive, and you're more likely to find him buying at the StarCityGames.com dealer booth.

Daily Financial Value Of Eldritch Moon: July 6th

We’re getting closer and closer to Eldritch Moon entering the battlefield, but the spoilers just keep coming! Accordingly, Wes Wise will keep giving you the lowdown on the newest price points for Magic’s upcoming release!

Daily Financial Value Of Shadows Over Innistrad: March 23rd!

Wes Wise has the stock quotes, the crunched numbers, and a bunch of other things nobody fully understands about finance. Fortunately, he also has some of the latest spoilers and their predicted price points. Wes adjusts his tie and gets to work on more Shadows over Innistrad!