AuthorValeriy Shunkov

Valeriy Shunkov is a 26 year-old research engineer from Moscow, Russia. Since starting out with Shards of Alara, he's used Magic to "play the game, see the world." He is the winner of the SCG Talent Search and has a new article every Monday.

Something Old, Something New

Valeriy talks about where shifts in the Standard metagame as a result of the weekend’s events may take him in deck choice for Grand Prix Vienna this weekend.

Building A Better Gauntlet

Valeriy tells you how to build a better testing gauntlet in the wake of changes to Magic Online & shares his current ones just in time for #SCGPROV & #SCGVB.

Legion Of Purphoros

Valeriy continues to investigate various red decks, which he considers to be the best choice for Standard at #SCGDAL this weekend.

Reaction To Reaction

Are you ready for Standard at SCG Open Series: Indianapolis featuring the Invitational this weekend? If not, Valeriy will catch you up to speed!

Devotion To Gods And Monsters

Valeriy starts to unpack the results from Pro Tour Theros in Dublin this weekend, looking at not just the Top 8 results but the testing that went into the event for his Russian teammates and the results they posted.

Hypermana Monsters

Valeriy Shunkov highly recommends giving his G/R Monsters list a try in Standard at SCG Open Series: Milwaukee or SCG Classic Series: Raleigh this weekend.

Girls & Monsters

Get some ideas for what deck to play in Standard and Legacy this weekend at SCG Open Series: Cleveland from Valeriy Shunkov!

Phalanx & Monsters

Valeriy continues to prepare for an onslaught of Mono-Red Aggro in Standard by building some decks around Phalanx Leader and furthering his green deck ideas.

Monsters & Their Mana

Valeriy thinks that Mono-Red Aggro will be prevalent in Theros Standard, so he builds a couple of different green decks to combat it. Check them out!

Don’t Miss The Opportunity!

This week Valeriy talks about a few decks that you should give a try before they rotate out of Standard, like Zombies and Delver. Check them out before #SCGCIN!

Ars Goetia

Valeriy writes about the different applications of Desecration Demon and its upsides in the Standard metagame. See if you should play it at #SCGBALT!