AuthorUsman Jamil

Usman Jamil has been playing Magic since Revised and Fallen Empires. Usman spends most of his Magic time thinking about, writing about, podcasting about, tinkering with and playing Cube, theorizing about its various aspects and going on his soapbox.

Theros Cube Review

With Theros about to be released, it’s time to consider it in the context of Cube. Read on to find out what Usman Jamil has to say about the new set!

Cube Sections For Beginners

Have you ever wanted to build a Cube but been too daunted by the process? If so, be sure to check out this article from Usman Jamil about how to get started!

Pauper Cube Format Overview

In this article, Usman Jamil talks about the differences between Pauper Cubes and “regular” Cubes and the design implications to make and learn from.

M14 Cube Review

This week Usman Jamil reviews Magic 2014 in the context of Cube. Find out which new cards you should consider testing out in your Cube!