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Tiago Chan has justified his place among the Pro Tour elite with Top 8 appearances around the globe, including 3rd at Pro Tour: Honolulu and 7th at the 2006 World Championships. He's also the proud winner of the 2007 Magic Invitational.

Worlds 2006 – How It Happened, Part 2 *T8*

Tiago’s run in Worlds was fraught with peril – not from the competition he faced, although that was stiff indeed. An altercation with an insane hotel manager left Portugal’s finest without a bed the night before his Top 8 performance… things were so grim he planned on ditching the tournament at the final hurdle. For that story, and for top-notch match reporting and draft analysis, look no further than this inspired offering from one of the best players in the game!

Worlds 2006 – How It Happened, Part 1 *T8*

With his Level 5 status locked in before the event began, Tiago approached Worlds with a relaxed eye. Hours of pre-tournament testing was not for him – he knew his deck early on, and planned to run with the fun choice. Even so, his exceptional talent and dependable luck propelled him into the Top 8 after three gruelling days of play. Tiago shares the highs and the lows of the event today…

Levelling Up: From Athens to Kobe, Part 3

The report from Day 2 of Pro Tour: Kobe arrives, and Tiago’s mad Time Spiral Limited skills come with it! Watch as Tiago shares the good times involved in running around Japan, then goes into phenomenal detail on each of his matches and talks about the drafts he wanted to have versus the drafts he got.

Levelling Up: From Athens to Kobe, Part 2

Tiago continues his excellent series of reports from major events around the globe. Today is the story of Pro Tour: Kobe Day 1, in which Tiago posted an excellent record that set him up for a serious charge on the Top 8. Each draft is analyzed in depth, and each match is examined for play tips and strategy. Tiago is one of the most consistent players on the Pro Tour… his words will help your game immensely.

Levelling up: From Athens to Kobe, Part 1

Tiago’s continued successes on the tournament Magic scene can be attributed to hard work, dedication, and talent. Today he tells the tale of his Top 16 performance at Grand Prix: Athens, and how his performance tied in to his preparation for the Big Show: Pro Tour: Kobe. He gives an overview of his drafting technique, and shares some of the funny moments experienced on the road…

U/R Tron in Extended

In the gaping chasm between Nationals and Time Spiral, many players and writers found themselves taking a break from high-level play. Tiago, however, found solace in Extended Premier Events on Magic Online. Today he presents his U/R Tron build, pimped for Extended success. He’s been raking in the wins with the full compliment of Urza’s lands… can the deck work for you?

Playing For The Honor – A Portuguese Nationals Report

Tiago headed into his Nationals adventure with a clear goal in mind – to become the first ever two-time Portuguese National Champion. While his efforts proved ultimately fruitless, his take on the metagame was perfect. This report describes the ups and downs Tiago faced in the tournament, and provides some advice for those players yet to make their own Nationals journey.

SCG Daily — Grand Prix: Malmo

In desperate times, there are many promises you make that eventually you don’t keep. For me, “never go back to Scandinavia” was one of them. It started with Grand Prix: Copenhagen 2002. I was chilled to the bone even though I was wearing all my winter clothes. Funny thing was, old people were walking on the street wearing only short-sleeved shirts, and young people were riding bikes while wearing only t-shirts.

SCG Daily – To Lose In Toulouse

On Monday, it was time to go back to Portugal. As I was heading to the airport, I noticed an Irish Bar just around the corner of Raph’s place. It was called “Mulligans.” Trust me, it sucks. I went there a lot of times on Saturday, and I’d rather not repeat the experience.

SCG Daily – Pro Tour: Charleston

In Charleston, we finally got the chance to have all of us together at the same time. For the final tweaks in our decklists, we grouped ourselves by archetypes. Since every team agreed with sticking to Plan A, and each player was concerned the most with his own deck, why not discuss the final changes with someone who’s going to play the exact same deck and leave your team mates to do the same?

SCG Daily – At Bernardo’s Place

At Pro Tour: Prague most of the teams for Charleston were already formed. I was teaming with Bernardo da Costa Cabral and Kamiel Cornelissen. We approached some other friendly teams, inquiring about playtesting together. I let Bernardo know about my availability — I could move at any time, to any place, for testing purposes. In the end it was decided we should all gather in Brussels in Bernardo’s own house, after Grand Prix: Torino.

SCG Daily – Grand Prix: Torino

June was a crazy month for me. I found myself dashing from one place to another. I had the idea of writing an article about my experiences playing Magic in four different countries, but eventually I realized that writing a series would be better, because of both the size and content of the article.

Drafting With Dissension – Examining My Pro Tour

RGD Lessons from Pro Tour: Prague!

Tiago went into Pro Tour: Prague with a few RGD Drafts under his belt. His performance didn’t see him make the Top 8, but his two Pro Tour drafts (and subsequent Limited play since) helped him formulate some strong ideas on how to achieve success in this guild-based Limited minefield. Today, he shares his thoughts and ideas on maximizing your draft strategy, and gives us a run-down of his choices and thought processes while playing at the Big Show!

Almost All The Way – A PT Honolulu Report *T4*

Magic the Gathering Pro Tour Honolulu!

Tiago took the classic metagame gamble: he knew the Owling Mine deck had disastrous percentages against the Aggro archetypes. It didn’t stop him, of course… he rode those Owls straight into the Top 8. His story is just one click away… with matchup analysis, sideboarding plans, and a little help on Team Constructed.

Three Lessons

Tiago explores lessons he has learned about metagaming, drafting, and the Pro Tour lifestyle while travelling the world recently.