AuthorTiago Chan

Tiago Chan has justified his place among the Pro Tour elite with Top 8 appearances around the globe, including 3rd at Pro Tour: Honolulu and 7th at the 2006 World Championships. He's also the proud winner of the 2007 Magic Invitational.

Vote Pedro for PTQs!

One of the more interesting decks that no one noticed in Los Angeles was a deck called Crazy Pedro, an aggro deck designed by last year’s Extended Pro Tour winner Pierre Canali. Tiago Chan made Day 2 with the deck and says that it’s better his performance would indicate. If you are looking for a rogue creation to battle with at your local PTQs, this may be your lucky day.

Pro Tour: Atlanta Report — Boat — 14th place

Tiago Chan’s team took Day 1 of the Pro Tour by storm, starting things off undefeated in the Sealed Deck portion of the event. How did the wheels fall off and what interesting things does Tiago have to say about the event and Team Sealed Deck? You’ll have to click the link to find out.

So Close, Yet So Far – Pro Tour: Nagoya *9th*

How does it feel for a relative unknown to scrape and claw their way back into contention for a Pro Tour Top 8 only to finish 9th on tiebreakers? Tiago Chan now knows the feeling, and he shares the tale of his entire weekend with you in this report.