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Thomas Rosholm is a Pro Tour veteran who, in addition to a long string of money finishes at Grand Prixs and Pro Tours, also has two platinum albums to his name, and just last week broke your sister's heart.

SCG Daily: Geeks and Girls 5

By now, you should have asked the girl you’ve chosen previously in the week on a date. Some of you will have to try another woman next week, and some will already have been on their dates. As that was covered in yesterday’s installment, we will today look at date two and beyond. Making it work in the long run.

SCG Daily: Geeks and Girls 4

If you have been following my advice from this week’s previous installments you are by now acquainted with a female with whom you could see yourself in a relationship with. Before you get there, though, you will need to go through the process of dating.

SCG Daily: Geeks and Girls 3

One thing we gamers often do is berate each other’s intelligence – it makes us feel good to be smart compared to our surroundings and we calmly expect others to try to do the same to us. If you have spent a lot of time in geek only-surroundings, you need to be aware that girls will often be offended if you roll your eyes or talk down at them when they don’t understand something. Gamer lingo is of course strictly forbidden in these conversations, as it is intended exclusively for gamer to gamer communication. It may very well come from the bottom of your heart, but don’t go telling a girl she’s “getting big.”

SCG Daily: Geeks and Girls 2

In today’s installment of Geeks and Girls, you are going to learn how to select a suitable object of affection. Before we get there, though, let’s look at how girls work. Any girl will have a set of qualities that might look something like this…

SCG Daily: Geeks and Girls 1

All this week, gifted Swede Thomas Rosholm tackles fundamental skills you all want and need but the vast majority of you seem to lack. Strap yourselves in, lads… this should be a fun ride.

Tales from the Rosholm Archives – The Depression Gene

Thomas Rosholm teamed with Anton Jonsson and Johan Sadegphour (both of Pro Tour Top 8 fame) at Pro Tour: Atlanta and wrote an aborted tournament report about the experience. The editors originally rejected it because obviously it’s a bit late for PT: Atlanta reports, but once they read it, it had to be published. It’s difficult to argue against genius. Don’t believe us that a report can be so well-written and entertaining that it deserves to be published months after the fact? Read it yourself and find out.

Getting Big: Defining And Adjusting Your Plan

This article is largely written for players who have a decent grip on the basics on Magic strategy and/or are fairly accomplished players. I’m guessing even a lot of awful players with a sound grip on logic can make some use of a few of the guidelines listed below, but if you are a complete novice or a true master of the game, you may not find it very useful. You have been warned.

Getting Big: Two Underappreciated Standard Decks

It is difficult to properly introduce Thomas Rosholm except to say that he is a long-time Pro Tour veteran, was one of the founders of the legendary Team Punisher, and his thug-nasty writing tends to rock your socks off. If that’s not enough to entice you, maybe the fact that he’s writing about two underappreciated decks for the Standard environment will pique your interest.

Ya’ll Got It Wrong – Common Misunderstandings About Pattern-Rector

Rosholm is one of those underground Magic writers that far too few people know about compared to how talented he is. He is also one of the most well-respected (and coolest) European Magic writers around and counts Tim Aten and Tomi Walamies among his fans. If Jack Kerouac had liked hip-hop, then Rosholm would be the Swedish Kerouac of Magic writing. Here’s what’s on his mind today: “A couple of people before me have tried to promote the Pattern-deck as a solid choice for these final weeks of the Extended season. Those players, I believe, have been both right and wrong. Pattern is a great choice for the Extended format in general, but their lists are not.”