AuthorSeth Burn

Seth Burn is one of the most well-known Magic writers on the net. He also has the dubious distinction of not going to more Pro Tours that he was invited to compete in than any other player in the history of the game.

2005 Championship Deck Challenge: Grand Theft Magic

Welcome to the 2005 Championship Deck Challenge!
Yesterday, Teddy Card Game promised to write about the deck he was taking to States if the guy who designed the deck gave him permission to do so. That designer is none other than Seth Burn, and Seth has decided to reveal the deck himself! If you are still undecided about what you are playing at Champs, and are looking for the latest in hot tech plus a heavily tested decklist, look no further!

But Seriously, Who Forestwalks?

regionals.gifAfter weeks of playtesting, Seth explains what he feels are the keys to the format this weekend, examines three critical lock elements present in the environment, and delivers his final Regionals-ready decklists.

Dear Chris Romeo….

That which is rogue may come to define the format. The idea of a virgin Regionals is intoxicating. It is almost as good as the old meatgrinders used to be. The only reason the meatgrinders were better is because the formats would change every few hours. However, Regionals has the advantage of scale. And with Regionals in mind, I’d like to take a first look at Saviors of Kamigawa with an eye for how it will fit into the new Standard environment.